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Thandra Vipula Sarapak, Telengana

Thandra's life was full of hardships with one misfortune following another. She belonged to a poverty-stricken family of five, including her parents and two siblings. With so many mouths to feed.

Nayanalata Behera Bhadrak, Odisha

Nayanalata is an inspiration. She has lifted herself from abject poverty to being self-sufficient. Most importantly, she has built a dignified life for herself. However, fate has not always been kind to her. Since her early days, her life was dotted with one mishap after another.

Asia Khatun Darrang District, Assam

Married at an early age of 16 to a daily wage earner, Asia faced hardships since the early days.  With two children, it was close to impossible to arrange two square meals for the family. Things only became worse when Asia’s husband suffered from severe typhoid.