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Bandhan Climate Action Programme (BCAP)

Climate change has serious implications for the nation’s economy in general and its food and nutritional security in particular. Rural India has always been largely dependent on its natural resources and farming for its livelihood. Bandhan Climate Action Programme (BCAP) seeks to create an economically viable as well as sustainable farming eco-system system that would ensure sustainable livelihood while reducing climate risk and less use of chemical inputs in agriculture. Bandhan Climate Action Programme (BCAP) is an initiative of Bandhan-Konnagar to putting in an effort at building Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) and promoting mangrove plantation. Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) aims to increase sustainable agricultural production by adapting to and building resilience to climate change. Besides, Bandhan Climate Action Programme (BCAP) promotes mangrove ecology which helps in reducing impact of cyclones, reducing erosion of land due to tidal waves and in controlling water quality.



  • a) Create Climate resilience agriculture on drought, excess heat, excess rain and pathogen.
  • b) Enhance income through multiple production using food systems / crop diversification.
  • c) Broaden agro-forestry or forestry coverage to improve water retention, and climate resilience.
  • d) Support reduction in Green House Gas (GHG) emission by promoting forest coverage and extending the use of sustainable technology/ energy solutions
  • e) Building community resilience through awareness and adoption of climate friendly life style/ solutions at home & production.



Inception Year 2021
District 4
Blocks 7
Panchayats/Municipalities 24
Villages 50
Branches 3
Total Beneficiaries 1295

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West Bengal