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Sarojini Kirtaniya Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal

Hailing from a poverty-stricken background, Sarojini had no knowledge about managing finances or earning a sustainable livelihood and using the same for improving her standard of living. Her husband was a farmer, and they had three children.

Ambiya Bibi Dhubri, Assam

Financial constraints have been part of Ambiya Bibi's life, since her childhood. Her father was a farmer with frugal income. These constraints and challenges continued even after marriage since she was wed off to a small-time farmer.

Sandhya Malik Uluberia, West Bengal

Sandhya Malik’s story resembles the life of many rural poor women. Belonging to a deprived family, Sandhya could not complete her education. She was married at an early age and became a mother of three soon after.