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Sarojini Kirtaniya

Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal

I had no clue that there is a whole gamut of education around finances. I consider myself fortunate to have learnt the nuances of financial literacy. My heartfelt gratitude to Bandhan for making me financially aware.’

Hailing from a poverty-stricken background, Sarojini had no knowledge about managing finances or earning a sustainable livelihood and using the same for improving her standard of living. Her husband was a farmer, and they had three children. Owing to their meagre means, she was unable to provide for her family satisfactorily. While attending Bandhan’s financial literacy forums, she learnt the ropes of financial planning and money management, especially saving, banking services, insurance facilities, and the like. She was able to imbibe the importance of savings for future contingencies and the relevance of recurring deposits. She proudly owns a bank account now and saves regularly; alongside a recurring deposit account. She has established a systematic process of managing her finances adeptly and supports her family effectively. From her days of hand-to-mouth situation, Sarojini now owns two bighas of agricultural land, wherein, she, along with her husband, cultivate vegetables. Their earnings from agriculture are managed by her. Sarojini has taken up the responsibility of managing all money-related matters of the family. Many women have been motivated in this financial literacy cadre upon seeing the transformation in her. She has truly turned her life around.