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Tamanna Khatun

North 24 Parganas, West Bengal

‘I thought God was being harsh to Tamanna when she lost her mother and her father abandoned her.  But Bandhan’s association in our lives is indeed a blessing. I truly believe that God is watching upon her and will continue to bless her.’

Nine-year-old Tamanna was born to loving parents – a father who was a daily wage earner and a mother who was a homemaker. Though of meagre means, but Tamanna’s world was a happy one.

However, things took an unexpected turn, when she lost her mother to a horrific incident of blazing fire. This changed her life completely. To her dismay, her father abandoned her. This only added to her pain. At that tender age, she was left devastated and became a completely different person. Since, she was now left with no parents, her maternal aunt decided to take care of her. But, over just a few years, she realised it was becoming increasingly difficult for her.  She was herself living an impoverished life and was not in a position to take up Tamanna’s additional responsibility. As Tamanna turned six, she was taken in by her maternal grandmother, Hajiri Bibi, who was a daily wage labourer, working in lands owned by others. Of course, she did not plan for Tamanna’s education; at this juncture she was looking at bare survival.

But, they saw a light at the end of the dark tunnel, when they were introduced to the officials of Bandhan Education Programme. This was a turning point in Tamanna’s life. She joined at the Kindergarten level in Bandhan’s Education Centre. She is currently studying in class 3. Her teachers are appreciative of her academic prowess. She is a well-balanced student with merit in the classroom, as well as enthusiasm in physical activity. Her traumatic past had made her a timid girl, however Bandhan’s school environment helped change her demeanour completely. She is now a jovial girl, who interacts in class, has friends and above all, is happy. When asked about her ambition, she joyously mentioned that she would like to become a teacher.

The loss of her parents can never be replaced, but thankfully Tamanna has her grandmother by her side. Hajiri Bibi cannot thank Bandhan enough for imparting education to her granddaughter, completely free of cost. Bandhan has addressed a big worry in Hajiri Bibi’s life. She is now hopeful that Tamanna can have a brighter future.