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Tahera Khatoon

Tahera Khatoon

Kishangaunj, Bihar

‘When Tahera’s father passed away, I thought she would remain illiterate. However, with the grace of God, Bandhan came into our lives and helped initiate my little daughter’s education. Words are not enough to thank Bandhan,’ shares Tahera’s mother.

Bandhan Education Centre has paved the way for little Tahera’s dream of becoming a teacher.

Tahera studies in Standard III and she has been making exceptional progress in self-expression and comprehension, with the guidance from Bandhan’s non-formal school.

Life has been harsh on her. At a very young age, she lost her father in an unfortunate accident. She’s the youngest of five siblings. She has one brother and three sisters. With her mother’s unstable income, the family has seen poverty closely.

However, Tahera’s spirit, for her tender age, is unbreakable and the impact of the school on her life has been immense. She is improving every day, and has a knack in narration and vocabulary building.  Tahera’s teachers are happy with her progress in written language, as well.  

Tahera’s dream of becoming a teacher, is certainly in the making today.