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Sk Kowsur

Behala, West Bengal

“I do not have parents, but I guess Bandhan fills that space for me. I am thankful to Bandhan for transforming my life.”

Since the beginning, life has been harsh on Sk Kowsur. Early in his childhood, he lost his mother and to add to his woes, in his youth his father too passed away due to a heart attack. Needless to say, living the life of an orphan is not only tough, but also fraught with challenges. Given his situation, he had to start living at her sister’s place who is married in an underprivileged family, who themselves struggled every day to make two ends meet. As he grew up, he felt he was becoming a burden for his sister who was already suffering from lack of finances. He became desperate to earn his own living. When he heard from his maternal aunt about Bandhan’s vocational development courses, he immediately got himself enrolled in the Hardware and Networking course. He was determined to make the wheels of fate turn in his favour with this course. He strongly hoped to find himself a decent employment upon the completion of the course. He attended the course with utmost dedication and resolve. He passed the course with flying colours. He bagged a respectable job with a decent pay package. He was elated that he would now be able to kickstart his career and thereby become financially independent. This was like a dream come true for Kowsur. He began to perform exceptionally well at his job. So much so, he was elevated to a more responsible job role just within five months. Kowsur’s determination is the reason for his success; it is the reason for his capability of turning his life around. He feels along with Bandhan’s support, his sister and her family have also been a pillar of support for him through his days of struggle. He misses his parents and wishes that his parents were alive to see him stand on his own feet.