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Nisha Kumari

Patna, Bihar

Nisha’s father worked in a small grocery store. Needless to say, his income was minimal. From the lack of basic amenities to the need for discontinuing education, Nisha faced inadequacy all throughout, but nothing stopped her from dreaming.  She was ambitious, wanted to be self-sufficient and dreamt of a better life. However, her lack of education made it extremely difficult for her to get a respectable job.

Owing to the meagre means of her family, she was married at an early age. Her husband worked in a small private company and his income too was quite low. Financial instability was not her only woe. She faced immense discord with in-laws; they harassed her mentally and made it tough for her to live peacefully. She moved back to her maternal home. The only solace she had was her husband, who did not leave her side, in spite of staying apart. They had a son, who was their lifeline. Things worsened when he lost his job and was unable to provide any financial assistance to Nisha. She then realised that it essential to find herself an employment.

She moved from pillar to post to find a job. It was then that like a beacon of hope, she heard about Bandhan’s Skill Development Centres under Employing the Unemployed programme. Without any delay, she enrolled herself for a course on ‘warehouse’. The course curriculum encompassed interactive classroom sessions, practical classes, audio-visual aided teaching and more. Along with subject matter expertise, the course also enhanced Nisha’s interpersonal skills.  She acquired the much-needed skill-sets and passed with flying colours. She aced her subsequent interviews, and bagged a steady, secure and respectable job.

Her performance at her job was par excellence. She has managed to stabilise her financial situation. She has rented a place where she lives happily with her husband and son. Marital bliss was finally restored. It is heartening to note that she supports her parents too. Nisha’s never-say-never attitude has helped her overcome her struggles and give her life a new meaning. From showing unparalleled grit of learning to keeping her spirits up in the face of adversity, Nisha has been rock solid. As she takes care of work and home adeptly, she hopes to gain further expertise in supply chain management. Her eyes twinkle with hopes of better tomorrow.

‘Every young dreamer needs Bandhan by its side. In spite of my difficult background, Bandhan has empowered me to turn my life around. My family and I, thank Bandhan from the bottom of our hearts.’