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Anjum Khatun

Sahibganj, Jharkhand

“With systematic education at Bandhan’s school, I am hopeful that my daughter’s life will be better than mine, said Anjum’s mother.”

Anjum was born into a life of poverty. Her father is a daily wage labourer with erratic income. And her mother is a homemaker trying to make two ends meet, albeit barely. Anjum is a specially-abled child; she doesn’t have all the fingers on her hands. She was conscious about it and was growing up to be a quiet and reserved child. However, her mellow demeanour did not dim her determination. Bandhan’s Education Programme has been the requisite fuel for Anjum. Ever since, she was enrolled in class one of Bandhan Education Centre, her parents have seen a marked difference in her. With each passing day, she is growing up to become a poised yet passionate girl. Anjum’s teacher has been closely watching her blossom into a sincere and intelligent girl. She added that Anjum is attentive and intently adheres to the instructions. She has also developed a keen liking for recitation.